Kuratowski: General Topology *****

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[KuratowskiT] Kuratowski: Topologies (Vol. I, 1933, Vol II, 1950)

Great reference tool.



(FR) Polish Virtual Mathematical LibraryMonografie Matematyczne (Vol. I = Tom20, Vol. II=Tom21)



Newton: Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica *****

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The book is one of the most important scientific books ( wiki EN with 8 full text online editions EN, LA ).

Principia Mathematica ****

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An attempt do describe and derive all mathematics from axioms formally in symbolic logic ( wiki EN, full text in University of Michigan Historical Math Collection EN )

Hilbert: Foundations of Geometry *****

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Full text of the book  Grundlagen der Geometrie ( translated EN ). The book presents 20 axioms revisiting Euclidean geometry ( wiki EN ).