Newton's 2011 Mystery Cache *****

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Newton discovered the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. To keep its mystery hidden he has sent a mail to Leibnitz with a "mystery cache". For all cachers (reformulated to 2011 English setting) the message sounds





This cache is a virtual one. Opening it you will read the answer to the Fundamental Question of Calculus.

While in those years Newton prepared the cache as "not to be found" (NTBF), we provide a hint here below.



HINT: Cxaxlxcxuxlxaxtxixnxgxxx ......... xxxaxnxdxxxvxixcxexxxvxexrxsxax.

You discovered 7 numbers, they sum up the Ultimate Answer to the Universe, we conclude that the Ultimate Question to the Universe is probably the Fundamental Question of Calculus.

More on Newton's anagram here ( MathPages EN : The Fundamental Anagram of Calculus EN ).

Final coordinates:  map