FOUND !!! *****

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In 2011 after 333 years was found a missing letter in the Newton's definition of the integral. The DEFINITIVE definition of the integral is due to Bendova & Maly (online EN ).




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Newton's 2011 Mystery Cache *****

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Newton discovered the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. To keep its mystery hidden he has sent a mail to Leibnitz with a "mystery cache". For all cachers (reformulated to 2011 English setting) the message sounds





This cache is a virtual one. Opening it you will read the answer to the Fundamental Question of Calculus.

While in those years Newton prepared the cache as "not to be found" (NTBF), we provide a hint here below.


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Jordan curve theorem *****

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A great collection of resources for the Jordan curve theorem ( Andrew Ranicki EN ).

In other words: Once inside, once outside Wink



Hauptvermutung *****

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A great collection ( Andrew Ranicki EN ).

Pizza Theorem **

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Here you are  ( wiki EN ).

Hundred Greatest Theorems ***

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A collection of greatest theorems presented at a mathematics conference in July, 1999, by Paul and Jack Abad : "The Hundred Greatest Theorems."  ( EN ).

These theorems in a formalized form ( EN ).