PRIMES is in P. Where in P?

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In 2002-2003 Agrawal, Kayal, and Saxena in a great breakthrough "PRIMES is in P"   ( Wiki EN ) proved that the PRIMES function (prime number test)  is O(log ^8 n), in other words polynomial of degree 8 of the number of digits (log n) of a given number n.

Congratulations Smile

BTW, where in P is its real position? Any idea?





Notice that the Prime Number Test

PRIMES(n) = "n is/not a prime number"

does not solve the Integer Factorization Problem

IFP(x) = "x is/not pq, for integers p, q>1" .


For complexity of many problems check great pages ( Wiki EN, Wiki ENEN, EN, EN ).