Math Juice info

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Math Juice is a mixture of the following

  • news server
  • web portal
  • community forum
  • journal

Submissions should be

  • either your original message/info/lecture/slides/paper/book/figure/math/question/ ... or a link/info/pointer to anything with your own comment (e.g. "Behold!")
  • interesting enough for the general readers (i.e. you could recommend it to a good friend non specialized to your branch of math and the supposed response is not "Garbage!"), proposed star evaluation (* - *****) should be included

You MUST submit everything you feel excellent/necessary/unique/lovely. Keep in mind that all unique information (e.g. in this book I discovered how simple the theorem is, in this lecture I presented a wonderful example, this course is cute, ...) should be shared. Thank you Smile

Generally there are a lot of stuf of general importance which probably will not find a way to a regular math journal, but it should be known to the math community.