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Admins will remove any material protected by a copyright. Please help to keep Math Juice clean. Do not post links to sites providing copyrighted material illegally etc.

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Technical stuff

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Math Juice is presented in Joomla! open source Content management system. There are some rules:

  • each article is in a simple html format, any sophisticated formating should be done in files linked to the main body (PDF, TeX, figures etc)
  • each article must find its unique place in the system of menu/categories (suggest the proper one)
  • you can supply keywords and metadata for search purposes
  • you can indicate a page break or read more line for the article
  • for the purpose of automated translation to the other languages each article should be written in a simple English (try to open it translated into your second language and enjoy it Wink )

Math Juice should be kept by the math community - everybody can post an article (after login on our home page) or submit it via e-mail. Keep in mind that just now some new people for admin/editor positions are needed.




Math Juice info

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Math Juice is a mixture of the following

  • news server
  • web portal
  • community forum
  • journal

Submissions should be

  • either your original message/info/lecture/slides/paper/book/figure/math/question/ ... or a link/info/pointer to anything with your own comment (e.g. "Behold!")
  • interesting enough for the general readers (i.e. you could recommend it to a good friend non specialized to your branch of math and the supposed response is not "Garbage!"), proposed star evaluation (* - *****) should be included

You MUST submit everything you feel excellent/necessary/unique/lovely. Keep in mind that all unique information (e.g. in this book I discovered how simple the theorem is, in this lecture I presented a wonderful example, this course is cute, ...) should be shared. Thank you Smile

Generally there are a lot of stuf of general importance which probably will not find a way to a regular math journal, but it should be known to the math community.




"Few, but ripe." (Gauss)

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Math Juice presents only few (but ripe) items Smile

Here you will find only something Sad

For the full lists of journals, libraries, mathematicians, universities, theorems, books, conferences, lectures, ... go somewhere else Wink

Admins will decide if an individual item should be published in Math Juice. Admins know that there is no strict measure for evaluation of submissions Sad


Not being published in Math Juice does not mean that individual item is not a quality one.


With apologies ...

Admins Smile


No Copyright / Public Domain

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All authors or creators of any work included in Math Juice declare by submitting their work to Math Juice unlimited worldwide neverending right to copy, distribute, adapt, exploite or use in any way (known or in the future invented) works in Math Juice to anybody. Whenever possible they consider their respective works in Math Juice as a Public Domain work, whatever this means in a particular country or jurisdiction worldwide.