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Q. Why Math Juice name?

A. It suits - juicing the best from math. Notice that World, Planet, Web, Net, News, Archives, Online, Forum, Garden, Guide, Extracta etc were already taken.


Q. Can Math Juice be better than a general search engine?

A. Even if you know exactly what you are looking for the search engines give too many garbage. Math Juice presents verified quality results. You can search inside Math Juice (add search words "math juice" or use search option )


Q. Why the stars?

A. Classifying hotels, restaurants, tourist locations etc is useful. It saves time and is generally recommended:

  • Gauss : Few, but ripe.
  • Newton : If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.
  • Abel : A reply to a question about how he got his expertise: By studying the masters and not their pupils.


Q. Who sets the number of stars?

A. Just now any creator of a particular article. In the future the users' rating for each article will be considered. A comment system for each article will be available soon. Final decision on the number of stars goes to admin.


Q. Who can participate?

A. Anybody can submit an article/link/comment either by creating an article directly (after login on our home page) or via email to admin (subject: mathjuice).


Q. Where are the files?

A. Math Juice can link to external sources or include its own files into Math Juice repository. This will give a new life (neverending?) to your files (if you agree with the free access to your file).


Q. Why is Math Juice only in English?

A. The site is in a very basic English and can be easily browsed using online translators (e.g. ). The languages of sources under links are indicated in a simple form (EN, FR, DE, ...).


Q. I see English language mistakes on Math Juice pages. Can I help to fix it?

A. Yes. We need correct English writing admin very much.


Q. Is all legal?

A. The material and pictures here are (up to our best knowledge) legal. If you find a violation of a copyright, please inform us.


Q. Is linking legal?

A. We do not use "deep linking". We link only to whole pages which is legal. We may use "framing" after an agreement with the owner of a relevant page.


Q. Why "No Copyright / Public Domain" rule?

A. The more our work spreads the better. In math nobody will steal your work. There are strong moral rules, moreover everything is easily proven to be stolen. But correct use everywhere is useful. Do not bother the other to reformulate everything just for the reason "not to break someone's copyright".


Q. Is there a Facebook page?

A. Yes, user Math Juice, address


Q. Any RSS/Atom service?

A. Just now on our Home page is a feed in the Atom form serving so called Featured articles presented on our home page to any news reader software.


Q. Why is the Math Juice logo ( logo ) so cool?

A. We do not know Smile