Mathematics Genealogy Project *****

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Mathematics Genealogy Project ( NDSU link EN, AMS link EN )

Tree of mathematicians and their students, e.g. Kurt Godel (no students known) was one of 4584 Bernard Bolzano's descendants.


Just do it: a useful mathematical technique *****

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A useful technique presented by Timothy Gowers ( EN ) supported be a cute picture of A. Kolmogorov with a message:

"Think a second ... and do it"

(another translation "Dream for just a second and then do it!")

Erdős Paul *****

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Paul Erdős ( wiki EN, web EN, project ENpubublished more papers than any other mathematician in history.

Paul Erdős was a problem-solver and problem-poser.

He considered that God keeps The Book of the greatest proof ( an attempt for some proofs from Martin Aigner and Gunter M. Ziegle: Proofs from the book in wiki EN,  sample pages site EN ).

He has an Erdős number ( wiki EN ) zero.

Poincaré and Dreyfus *****

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A collection of materials relating to the intervention of the topologist Henri Poincaré in the Dreyfus case ( Andrew Ranicki EN ).

Sir Michael Atiyah *****

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A great collection of information ( Andrew Ranicki EN )

Gödel Kurt *****

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Kurt Gödel was Mister "Why" ( Herr "Warumm") of mathematics (wiki ENKurt Gödel Society EN ).

He discovered two incompleteness theorems.

Banach Stefan *****

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Stefan Bach ( wiki EN,  homepage PL, EN ).

Full text of books:

"Théorie des opérations linéaires"  ( full text FR )

Saks: "Theory of the Integral"  ( full text EN )

"Scottish Book" ( full text EN )

Hilbert David *****

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David Hilbert ( wiki EN ).